Project 4- Laser Engraving

Austin Beck

Machine and Software Used:


Adobe Illustrator (64 bit)

Machine Used:

Universal Laser System, Laser engraver

This picture is of my design on Illustrator.


Cost of the Engraving:

Why Would This Project Be Desirable?

This project would be desirable for people that are looking for a rustic addition to their house decorations. My coasters would also be great for the use at the cabin, giving your cabin the nature look. This picture shows when the coasters are being engraved.

What Obstacles Did I Face?

Some obstacles that I faced was that I had the design created but I didn't know what material I wanted to print on. I also faced problems trying to line up the coasters individually so that the engraving was center. This is the coasters before the oil was applied.

What Am I Proud Of On This Project?

I am proud of how these coasters turned out because they are simplistic but also look very professional. I also like how they turned out when I applied the oil to the coasters. This is a picture of the final project.