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Team Newsletter for Week of September 27th - Issue 9


You should have all received emails this morning with large photos of your paintings for October. If I have missed any of your classes, please let me know ASAP so that I can get you any missing photos!

I know I mentioned before that I wasn't going to pressure you guys to get samples in by specific times because we do not have a "live" calendar in the studio...BUT, we do have a LOVELY WINDOW DISPLAY!! The more I see of City Center and how everyone changes it...and changes it compliment the seasons and holidays, the more I want to do the same.

I'm asking for you to help me change over our window display to Fall and Halloween!! Could each of you please get 2 of your samples (you pick) of Fall and/or Halloween paintings finished and turned in by next Saturday?!

Closing Check List

Because at the end of the evening, it is easy to forget things (even for me), I wanted to create a Closing Check List for us to scan over before leaving the studio in the evenings. Not many of you are ever there alone but it will eventually happen from time to time and I want to make sure you are equipped to confidently close the studio without leaving wondering, "Did I...?"

This Check List will be available in the studio as well so you can easily access it each evening.

*brushes washed

*easels straightened

*stools straightened (X's out)

*water jars rinsed and refilled

*aprons put away in crates or draped back over stools

*wipe down food table if any visible debris

*sign-in sheet (or Groupons, etc.) placed on my desk

*mic, speakers, and iPod unplugged and put away

*bathroom trash emptied

*bathroom sink wiped down with cleaning wipe (takes paint right off)

*replace any toilet paper or paper towel rolls, if needed

*switch bathroom light off

*mop sink wiped down

*lid put over top of large trash can(s)

*spot sweep the floor (any visible or large debris)

*turn off both light switches (one controls the lights, the other is the outlets)

*make sure Scentsy warmers and Keurig are turned off

*zip ties placed back into paint jugs


*call security to walk you to your car if you're alone

*lock the door

I know we are all itching to get out of the studio at the end of the evening but if we are all on the same page and completing the same tasks at night, we can work as a team to keep our studio looking it's best!

Thanks, in advance!! :)

Opening Monologue

It's important to remember that our Opening Monologue for classes remains warm, welcoming, and carefree.

Many people, especially those who have never painted before, come in a tad nervous before class. Our job is to reassure them that their experience is to be fun and relaxing and also to reassure them that we will help them create a wonderful piece of art.

Make sure that you aren't going into heavy technical detail regarding the painting during your Opening but that you're concentrating on introducing yourself, explaining to guests their workstation in front of them, and our "rules:" water on one side, let us get extra paints, and, more importantly, TO HAVE FUN!

This Week's Words of Wisdom

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See you soon, friends!