Grace Abbott Elementary

March 6, 2020

Principal: Dr. Erik Chaussee,

Secretary: Cindy Wrenn,


Addressing Academic Needs (or Who’s Working With My Child?)

Perhaps your child(ren) have come home from school telling about adults who have helped them in class other than their teacher. There are many adults who work with students in addition to their classroom teacher. Occasionally, we have college students who do volunteer work including tutoring or sometimes just observing. Older students may have reading buddies with younger students. We have many parents who volunteer to work with students and a strong Watch DOG program. We do not normally inform parents due to the informal nature, and it is usually temporary. Some volunteers work with different students every week. Many of our students at some point work with our reteaching staff during the day or before or after school. If it is before or after school, parents will always be informed. Reteaching done during the school day is with a paraprofessional or before or after school is with a certified teacher. Parents of students who are in our reading intervention program are notified. Parents of children that are in special education are notified and permission is obtained before testing for special education placement takes place.

All of this help is given in order to have all of our children at Abbott be more successful academically. This addresses one of our site plan strategies from our school improvement plan. All volunteers that are not Millard employees, students, parents, or grandparents must submit to a background check. If you have any questions or concerns about this, please feel free to contact me.

Millard Bond Issue

Please come to hear a presentation on the proposed Millard Bond Issue. The table of dates, times and locations are below.
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Fourth & Fifth Grade Parents!

Save The Date for Fifth Grade Farewell!

Thursday, May 14th, 6:30-8:30 pm
Fifth Grade Parents - This is a special night to celebrate with your student as they end their career at Grace Abbott!

Fourth Grade Parents - Traditionally, fourth grade parents volunteer to allow fifth grade parents to spend the evening with their child.

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Right now your child is working with their art teacher, Mrs. Jensen to create their own unique piece of art. Soon you will have the opportunity to order from a variety of items displaying your child's work.

Please check backpacks weekly. You will soon receive a packet containing your child's art and all that Original Works has to offer. The proceeds will go to our crossing guard stationed on 156th street.

Contact Debbie Smith with any questions- 402-210-9014 or

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Camp Information | Techademy | University of Nebraska Omaha

Techademy aims to show students of all ages that Information Technology is fun and interesting. Students will have the opportunity to learn about many topics by participating in hands-on activities, learn new concepts, acquire new skills, and build a strong foundation in IT. Every Friday we have a pizza party for students and their families to share what they have learned that week!

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President - Linda Poole

Vice President - Dave Anderson

Secretary - Stacy Jolley

Treasurer - Amanda McGill Johnson

Board Member - Mike Kennedy

Board Member - Mike Pate