Andrew Jackson

Hero or Villain?


Andrew Jackson became a war hero during the war of 1812. A fierce and strong army general, he was given the nickname Old Hickory because he was tough like a hickory branch. After the war he ran for president and promoted the Democratic party of government. He won the election of 1829 and promised a government that was for the common people, such as farmers.


After becoming president, Andrew began to stop promoting democracy and was simply doing what he felt was best for the government. In 1830 he passed the Indian Removal Act, which stated that all he was able to negotiate with them for their land. But after they continued to refuse, military force was sent to push them westward. The path that they took is known today as the Trail of Tears.
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Why He was Evil

In my opinion, Andrew Jackson was a very mean person. He said that he would promote democracy, but once he got in office he just did what he wanted. He made the spoils system to reward his 'followers', which is very unfair. He pretended to listen to the people, but then he would just go ahead and have secret meetings with his friends to decide the fate of the struggling government. He also tried to crush the National Bank, which, while helping many struggling people, hurt many Americans. And one of his meanest acts was kicking the native Americans out of their native land on which they had lived for generations. Apparently suddenly he felt he had the power to take that away. He was heartless and cruel. he made them live on small reservations in Oklahoma, so that the Americans could continue moving westward. The Indians were here first! Andrew had not right trying to boss them around on their own land. He was overall not very democratic and did not do things to help the government, but instead did what he wanted.