Board Meeting Highlights

January 7 and 14, 2020 TUHSD Board of Trustee Meetings

Developing a New Mission Statement

The Board of Trustees held a workshop on January 7, 2020 to begin the process of revising the District Mission and Vision Statements. The Superintendent and Board discussed the focus for the work, what values are important to the District, and how the Board will know if they have drafted a good mission statement for TUHSD. They discussed what they feel is missing from the current statement, and why it is time for a revision. The Board will continue development and discussion at future board meetings.

Financial Audit Report for 2018-2019

At the January 14, 2020 Board meeting, Mr. Corbett Elsen, Chief Financial Officer, introduced Sarah Fiehler of Christy White Associates. Ms. Fiehler gave a synopsis of the full 85 page audit report, which gives an unmodified opinion. This is the best opinion available, reflecting that District financial statements are in order and in accordance with accounting principles. Ms. Fiehler thanked the staff for their assistance in facilitating the audit. The Board voted unanimously to accept the audit report.

Citizens' Oversight Committee Members

Mr. Elsen asked the Board to approve an applicant for a vacant seat on the Measure J Parcel Tax Citizens' Oversight Committee. The Board approved candidate Robin Moses, and now the Committee will begin meetings with all five members. The first meeting is on Wednesday, January 22, from 8:30-10:30 am in the Kreps Conference Room. The agenda and more information is posted on the District website.

School Calendar Revision for 2020-2021 School Year

Mr. Lars Christensen, Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources, presented an agreement between the Tam Federation of Teachers (TFT) and the TUHSD related to school closures. Because the State of California may not allow waivers of instructional time if school closures become regular occurrences, two additional school days have been added in June 2021 to be used only if weather or fires require schools to close during the year. Please see the revised calendar (for the next school year) posted on our district website.

Upcoming Board Meetings

January 28, 2020: Regular Board Meeting

February 11, 2020: Regular Board Meeting

February 25, 2020: Regular Board Meeting

2019-2020 Board Meeting Calendar

Tamalpais Union High School District

Superintendent: Tara Taupier, Ed.D.

Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources: Lars Christensen

Chief Financial Officer: Corbett Elsen

Board members: Leslie Harlander, President; Cynthia Roenisch, Clerk; Karen Loebbaka, Dan Oppenheim, and Kevin Saavedra.