Aerospace Engineering

Neha Baskar

What is Aerospace Engineering?

This field of engineering is primarily concerned with the development of both aircraft and spacecraft.

I am interested in this field because it deals with things that are extremely complex and useful in our daily lives. Most of all, I've always wanted to work in NASA and being an Aerospace Engineer would be an amazing experience. I would love to work on things that will help humanity reach the frontier of space exploration.

What does an Aerospace Engineer do on a typical day?

A typical day for an Engineer would consist of them creating a computer model of a vehicle/instrument, analyzing a computer model to determine many aerodynamic elements, testing a design using various testing methods, attending meetings/conferences, and writing reports or making presentations on the progress of your work.


Aerospace Engineering is the best!!!

Fun Facts about aerospace engineering

  • The energy released by the three main shuttle engines is equivalent to the output of 23 Hoover Dams
  • They participate in flight test programs