Taiga biome

A Smore by Rhys Davey

Biotic factors Abiotic factors

Wolverine... Snow

Wolf... Rocks

Bear... Light

Fish... Water



Average precipitation is 20 inches. There can be anywhere between 12 and 33 inches

Temperatures range from -26.6 to 50 degrees

Fun facts

Life in the Taiga

Home to most evergreen trees, and many berry types

Natural soil is permafrost

Human affects and efforts

The tundra biomes trees are being depleted massively due to paper consumption. The lakes have also been polluted with mercury, resulting in many fish, wildlife, and Indian deaths. There have been many conservation efforts and protests in nearby Taiga cities. There is also many groups trying to rid the waters of poisonous substances and liquids.

Brief description

The Taiga covers most of Canada and Russia. It is a massive producer of paper, and home to the heavily populated Cree Indians. The land is covered in evergreen trees and mountains, causing the weather to be miserably cold. Although many conservation efforts are in place, fish, Indians, and wildlife continue to be killed by the mercury filled lakes, and the trees are disappearing fast. Wildfires are very common in the tundra, experts say the land adapted to many fires to destroy the rotted out trees.