Comparison of Colonial Regions

Chandler Couick

New England Region

Religion: Dissents from the Puritan religion created a colony and became known as pilgrims.

Economy: Relied heavily on Atlantic Ocean. Shipbuilding, trade, and fishing was a leading industry. Farms were small and self sufficient.

Society: Central part of life was the Puritan Church. Everyone had to attend church.

This started from the religious dissent of the Puritans.

Middle Region

It was started for economic value.

Religion: More religious tolerance.

Economy: Depended on farming and commerce. Farms raised staple crops. Shipping ports were in the larger cities, benefited from fur trade.

Society: Had diverse population. Merchants made upper class while sailers and unskilled workers made up the lower classes.

Southern Region

Started as a settlement called Jamestown in Virginia.

Religion: Mostly Anglican and baptist but did not play important role.

Economy: Relied on rice and tobacco which lead to the plantation system. This is where slavery began.

Society: The wealthy made up the upper class, they were superior to the lower class. Upper classes got more opportunity than lower class.