Gary Soto


Jose was born with a ring of dirt around his neck ,with grime under his fingernails,and skin calloused from grainy twist of a shovel,they said he was a born worker. They said alots of things about jose but nothing about his mother and father his mom working on the stitching machine his father having a study job working at a telephone company.


The story "Born Worker" about Jose and his cousin Arnie this old man Mr.Clemens. Arnie goes to Mr.Clemens house and greets him which Jose never seen him greet some like that but Mr.Clemens only wanted one boy to work. Mr.Clemens later shows Jose and his cousin Arnie the pool which was really dirty.Mr.Clemens later falls down a hits his head and started bleed which Jose told his he was going to be okay he helped Mr.Clemens until the firetrucks and etc comes with he later now knows that his cousin is a liar.

"Mr.Clemens you shouldn't stand to close to the edge."


Arnie was a liar Jose helped Mr.Clemens from bleeding. Then when the police shows up Arnie lies to the police that he told Mr.Clemens to not stand to close to the pool and he didn't listen then he falls and hits his head and he starts to bleed but Jose was the one who helped and called the police Jose later finds out his cousin is a liar.

Jeffrey Y. Yang