Environmentally friendly cars

you should buy environmentally friendly cars.:)

how much $ does it cost for gas Vs. electricity and the pros and cons of gas vs electric

You should buy environmentally friendly cars. Gas for cars can cost up to 2,000 $ per year, But on a regular day just one day cost 3.74$. Electricity cost 540.00 per year. Electric cars can run 100 mile range while gasoline cars can has a range of 300 miles. Electric cars takes 35 mins to recharge. Gas literally only takes 5 mins. Though it is quicker it has a bigger pollution. They cost more and they harm the planet. they hurt animals. They also make asthma worse for people who already have asthma like me especially when it is just starting to get better. It is also a terrible thing to do

environmentally safe cars like the hybrid don’t have a bad effect on the environment.

The electric car was made in the 1830’s. When you are driving the battery can die quickly. The electric car is fast. It only goes 55 miles in one charge. Cars have to pass emission to be driven on the road. Electric cars are still very expensive. Also ,They do not produce emissions like gasoline cars. Motors create more or less the same horsepower no matter the speed Accelerate faster and more quietly than Accelerate faster and more quietly than gasoline cars. Batteries often contain toxic chemicals, which can pollute if disposed of improperly.A hybrid car is one that has more than one source of power for its movement. It usually has an internal combustion engine and an electric motor. Other sources of power for hybrids include radio waves, electromagnetic fields, hydrogen, liquid nitrogen and petrol. There are several advantages of buying a hybrid car. Different states in the US give incentives to people that purchase them. In addition, they emit less carbon dioxide and other gases that can cause greenhouse effect.

how are we harming animals and the earth with gas?

Gas is pollution to the environment and when the environment is in danger it does not help. All the endangered animals in the world are close to extinction because of gas. When the animals breathe in harmful gas it can hurt their lungs which make it harder to breath which cause them to get sick and eventually, die. A lot of endangered animals are dying and the people have to stop the gas pollution because, animals are dying.

BUY A HYBRID CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can plug them into an electrical outlet and they can use gas too!

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