Grace Kids

Resources and activities for this week

A word to the kiddos

Hi, Grace Kids! I sure do miss you guys. I try to imagine what you're doing in the day and how you're feeling. I wonder how you're getting along with your family and if you're visiting with friends on the phone or online. Are you wearing your pjs all day? Are you staying up late? Are you being extra helpful to mom and dad if they're working at home or working more than usual? Most of all, I wonder if you're praying and reading the Bible.

Lots has changed for all of us in the last two weeks! But remember what we say every Sunday: God is good ALL THE TIME. That hasn't changed. God hasn't changed. And His love and care for you never will. Remember to talk to Him, to read His words to you in the Bible, and to sing to Him as you go about your day. He's still listening.


Mrs. Jenny

P.S. If you want to, call me, or send me a Marco Polo! 785-393-2399. I'd love to hear from you!

Children's Church Story

Join us for storytime! Pastor Bill's sermon today is on Mark 4:35-41. So let's read "The Storm That Stopped" by Alison Mitchell, and illustrated by Catalina Echeverri. It's based on the same true story from the Bible.

Children's Church extras

Here's a fun, simple coloring activity to try. You'll need a brad...or some simple MacGyver skills to improvise with a paperclip.

And here's a blog with a few fun story-related activity ideas.