What is CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture

What it is...

Community Supported Agriculture is a nationally based Organic foods group, so that farmers and consumers can meet and trade easily. Usually the trade consists of some kind of box or basket full of the most recently grown, seasonal food from that farmer.
From Seed to Market: An Organic Farm - myRegence.com

Why has CSA grown so popular?

The CSA movement has gained so much popularity, through the major movement away from GMOs. GMO are Genetically Modified Organisms and over consumption of these are harmful to your body. Also, there are some major benefits to both farmers and consumers that make CSAs really tempting to join. Also, groups like Vegans are very keen to join these movements, because it spreads their message of animal peace.

Benefits to Farmers and Consumers

Benefits for farmers:

  • "Get to spend time marketing the food early in the year, before their 16 hour days in the field begin
  • Receive payment early in the season, which helps with the farm's cash flow
  • Have an opportunity to get to know the people who eat the food they grow

Benefits for consumers:

  • Eat ultra-fresh food, with all the flavor and vitamin benefits
  • Get exposed to new vegetables and new ways of cooking
  • Usually get to visit the farm at least once a season
  • Find that kids typically favor food from "their" farm – even veggies they've never been known to eat
  • Develop a relationship with the farmer who grows their food and learn more about how food is grown"
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