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Issue #2 - Wednesday, September 19, 2018

The following is true story from a Lakeville classroom:

Just last week a kindergarten teacher was doing a quick review of letters and letter sounds. She asked for volunteers to come up with words that begin with the v sound. A five year old spoke up and said, "I know a v word, but it's a really bad word and I'm not gonna say it because my mom says that only adults can say the word F%^#."

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This Friday is TDE/QComp Day

When thinking about this Friday's TDE/QComp day, hopefully the V words that come to mind are vital and valuable.

9/21 Update and TDE E-folio Support

This Friday during TDE day you will be regaled by your Instructional Coach into how that role can support you. Individual Growth Plan and Student learning Goals should be approved by your administrator no later than October 31st.

Best Practice - Anchor Charts

(Just two of many to be found in our district!)

"Anchor charts are artifacts of classroom learning communities. Classrooms with rich anchor support leave little doubt about what a student is expected to learn and offer a "public trail" of thinking, a collection of learning." (Excerpted from
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Your "Super Cool" Instructional Coaches

Bethany, Bob, Janet and Michelle
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P.S. Do you have an anecdote or an excellent activity, please share it with us.

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