POTUS: The Chief Citizen

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President Obama delivers a speech on behalf of the American Citizens

What is the role of Chief Citizen?

The president, as chief citizen, is supposed to be the the face of the people. He is to represent them, and to do so he must be trustworthy and work for the public interest. The president also must put the nation's best interests before a smaller group of individual's interests or his own.

For example, the president holds an annual Easter Egg Roll at the White House to fulfill his role as chief citizen. He also does an annual tree lighting in D.C. These activities are an easy way for him to do a nice thing for the people to show that he cares for them and wants to do his best to represent them and put forth their best interests into policy or other things they care deeply about.

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First Lady Michelle Obama reads The Night Before Christmas at the lighting of the National Christmas Tree in 2014

Importance of The Chief Citizen

The job of Chief Citizen is very important to the presidents administration because being the Chief Citizen builds trust with people which is very important. He demonstrates how people in his country should act, creating an example for them to look up to. This can help people who are lost and do not know what they should be doing since they will have a sublime president to look to. The president is the face of America so being the Chief Citizen is important so we are represented well. An example of the importance of Chief Citizen is shown when the White House has an easter egg hunt to show that even the highest ranking person in the United States will be welcoming to normal people. This teaches people to be welcoming and nice to their fellow citizens.
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President Obama High-fives kids at the 2015 Easter Egg Roll
First National Christmas Tree (1923) !

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