SRRHS Technology Focus Days

Ideas, Brainstorming, Resources, Collaboration

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Thursdays January 16 and 23

****2 days of time focused on technology.

While technology and media people are always available to help and support, this is dedicated time to focus on doing that.

Part 1----- 15 in 15


15 ideas for using technology in 15 minutes

*Fast paced, quick overviews of 15 technology related topics, sites, tools, apps etc.

**Leave with ideas to try in your classroom!

**A different presentation each day!

Part 2----- Technology Focus Time

All Day-
Maria (Jan 23) and Laura (Jan 16 and 23) will both be available in the media center (or to make “house calls”) all day to work with you on your technology ideas, brainstorm with you, help to find appropriate resources, or whatever else you need.

Some possible topics for the day:

  • I'm interested in having students bring their own devices to my class and I'd like some ideas on classroom management.
  • I'd like to find some alternative options that use technology for students demonstrate their learning.
  • I’d like to ask questions about how to use the technology that I have in my room.
  • I’ve always done ____ in one way, and would like to brainstorm some other options that might include technology.
  • I’m wondering if there are any technology tools available to _____.
  • I’m looking for ways to find and share online content with students.

RSVP’s are encouraged---but drop ins/calls are also welcome!