HGHS Instructional Update

December 7, 2015

#Celebrate Monday

Community Learning Tuesday, December 8

Come to the freshman computer lab during your planning period on Tuesday, December 8. We'll be exploring Global Scholar and its uses.

1st period: 9:05-9:45

2nd period: 10:30-11:10

3rd period: 12:20-1:00

5th period: 2:20-3:00

Lunch & Learn Thursday, December 10

Through a student's eyes--continuing our discussion of "a day in the life" of one of our students.

A lunch: 11:30-11:50

B lunch: 11:55-12:15

C lunch: 12:25-12:45

D lunch: 12:50-1:10

If you have 3rd period planning, please attend lunch A, B, or C

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Best Practices in Action--Jeff Dunnavant

Jeff Dunnavant's English 10 class recently engaged with Julius Caesar by sharing their individual responses in small groups, discussing the responses collectively, and adding the responses to class charts that they discussed with the whole class.

Students talking to students, students listening to students, students writing, and students moving around the room. It's a good thing!!!

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