Cambridge Latin Program

Congratulations to the Cambridge Junior Classical League (Latin Club!)

The Cambridge Latin Club attended a state competition with 1,000 other students from Georgia on October 25th at Northview High School. Cambridge won 22 individual awards in academic, performance, artistic, and Olympic events, which totaled more awards than any other school attending the competition!

Here are some highlights:

1. Casey Stachler (10th grade) was chosen as a State Officer! She is responsible for all hospitality at our State and National events next year. She was also chosen to represent our chapter at a leadership retreat in November!

2. 1st Place School Banner/Publicity Competition

3. Latin Oratory – Muhammad Arethusa (1st place), Amy Li (2nd place), Brice Williams (3rd Place)

4. Mythology Exam – Cole Pieroni, Isabella Stubbs, Amy Li

5. Roman History – Josh Adelmann, Amy Li

6. National Latin Exam Level I– Elijah Abley

7. National Latin Exam Level II – Josh Adelmann (2nd place), Brice Williams (3rd place), Ryan Edmisten (5th place)

8. Olympika – Bennett Ferguson (won all running events!), Elijah Abley, Hunter Hoard, Miller Anton, Yarik Apalkov, Tori Von Berghy, Sydney Stevens

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Fall forum 2014 flash mob

Cambridge Latin Students Chosen for Governor's Honors State Interviews!

Last month, Amy Li and Muhammad Arethusa (Latin III Honors level) competed at the Fulton County level for the opportunity to interview at State Governor's Honors Interviews in February. There were 20 Fulton County students, and only four were chosen on October 27th. Students had to read a passage in Latin to a panel of judges with correct pronunciation, articulation, and rhetoric, take a reading comprehension test, write a Latin composition, and answer interview questions. The Latin Program is very proud of these two students. They were the only students in the Cambridge World Languages Program to be chosen for this prestigious honor! Good luck to Amy and Muhammad as they prepare for the State Governor's Honors Interviews!

Upcoming National Competitions and Times to Shine!

1. Scribo Composition Competition - $5 Due next Friday

2. National Etymology Exam (SAT Practice) - Administered week before Thanksgiving

3. National Latin Exam - March - Dues included in Latin Club Fee

4. Medusa Mythology Exam - $3 Registration February 1st

5. State Latin Convention - April 17-19th - Rock Eagle 4-H Camp

Preparing for Midterm Finals!

Vocabulary Vocabulary Vocabulary!

Please encourage your student to go ahead and start studying cumulative vocabulary for the Midterm Final. I know it seems very early, but 10-15 minutes a day will make a huge difference in their performance on the Midterm Final!

Students may visit to practice vocabulary!


Password: hartcounty

Makeup Work and Recovery

The World Languages Department at Cambridge has a very generous recovery policy. Please encourage your student to makeup missed work and recover assessments as quickly as possible. The end of the semester is approaching and all grades are final at the end of the semester. There are also many opportunities to get extra help. I am available in the mornings and afternoon by appointment, and we also have upper level students who are willing to tutor. Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions or concerns!