Trecherous Gatsby : Defies Bro Code

Boris Mulume

The Great Gatsvy examples

In "The Great Gatsby" there is a price for what everyone truly wants although they already have. What they already have is obviously not enough and ultimatley not what they actually want. At some points in the story you wonder if these precious things they already have even matter to them a little. It makes them look selfish and heartless. I think that is the cost of this dream they're chasing. Gatsby has a friendsip with Tom and that alone isn't enough to stop him from persuing his wife. Tom has married Daisy and started a family with her. Blindly in love with his wife he doesn't know that she's been talking to Gatsby on the slide for years! The two decetful lovers feel that they have unfinished business and wish that they would have gotten together at their first encounter when they had the chance; when it was right. Gatsby betrays Tom by doing this and it is also the price he has to pay to have any chance of being with Daisy. It's easier on him because she loves him as well but she also has a price to pay. The cost of being with Gatsby is losing her husband. She's also giving up her family, her child will be abandonded because she loves a man that she could have been with long ago.

The Real World

Jennifer Lopez is starring in a new movie entitled "The Back-Up Plan" which is scheduled to be released in theaters later this month. In 2002, she used Ben Affleck as her back-up plan just in case her marriage to Cris Judd didn't work out. It was rumored that Lopez began having an affair with Affleck while she was still married to her former back-up dancer. She divorced Judd and got engaged to Ben in late 2002. Less than two years later, Jennifer and Ben called off their engagement and separated.

Britney Spears allegedly cheated on Justin Timberlake with choreographer and songwriter Wade Robson during their relationship. Timberlake insinuated that Britney cheated on him in his song "Cry Me a River." Spears' ex-husband, Jason Alexander has even confirmed Britney's infidelity. He stated that he and the "Toxic" singer slept with each other on two occasions when she was still dating Justin.

Being dishonest has brought these two poeple nothing. It's definitely not worth it becaus ehtye ended up with no one. Daisy ends up going back to Tom but these two women lost their spouses forever.