Much Ado About Nothing Project

By Emily Streckenbach

Crowley as Don John

The character Crowley would be a good choice for Don John because he is devious and is constantly plotting against the protagonists. In the play, Don John tries to ruin everyone’s lives by spreading lies and deceit. In Supernatural, Crowley is constantly trying to ruin the main characters, Sam, Dean, as Castiel’s lives.

Dean Winchester as Benedick

The character Dean from Supernatural would be a good choice to play Benedick because he refuses to settle down with a single woman. In the play, Benedick vows to never marry, but in the end he falls for Beatrice and gets married. In Supernatural, Dean has a lifestyle that makes it hard for him to settle down with a family. However, he falls in love with Lisa and moves in with her and her son, Ben for a normal life.
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Sam Winchester as Claudio

The character Sam from Supernatural would be a good choice to play Claudio because he has always wanted a normal life with a wife and family. In the play, Claudio falls in love with Hero and does everything in his power to marry her. In Supernatural, Sam falls in love with a veterinarian and settles down with her. Throughout the show he constantly says that he wants a simple, happy life with people who love him and he achieves that when he moves in with her.
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One of the most important plot points in Much Ado About Nothing is when Don Pedro woos Hero on Claudio’s behalf and Don John tries to sabotage this. This event is important for two reasons. One is that is sets up the rest of the play for the amount of trickery and deceit throughout the play. Don Pedro basically tricks Hero into loving Claudio. While Claudio is watching, Don John tricks him into believing Don Pedro has alterior motives. This also sets up Don John to be the main antagonist of the play. Right from th start he is trying to cause chaos.
Another important plot point in Much a Ado About Nothing is when Beatrice and Benedick are tricked into loving each other. During the play, Beatrice and Benedick clearly don’t like each other. However, their friends decide to try to get them together. They devise a plot to trick them into thinking the other one is already in love with them. This plan works brilliantly and Beatrice and Beneidkc’s ideals are completely switched around by the end of the play. This is important because it shows the power of gossip and deceit.
The final most important plot point in the play is when Claudio realizes his mistake. After Hero was proclaimed dead, Claudio feels terribly. However, once Leonato gives him proof that she was framed for being with someone else, he is overcome with grief. This shows that Claudio understood that it was all his fault she was “dead”. When it isn’t revealed that Hero is actually alive and still willing to get married to him, he is overjoyed.

The Song “Let Her Go” by Passenger Portrays the Main Theme of The Play, Which Is Love

In the very first act of Much Ado About Nothing, Claudio admits that he is in love with Hero. The theme of love is constantly addressed during thishis play and relates to the song “Let Her Go” by Passenger. In th play, Claudio public ally disgraces Hero during their would-be wedding after she is framed for being unfaithful. Then, she is said to have died. After this, it is proven that Hero was framed and Claudio is overcome its grief at his mistake. In the song, the lyrics read “You only know you love Her whenever you Let Her Go.” This relates to Claudio’s situation because he only truly knew how much he loved Hero when he realized he caused her untimely death by disgracing her. Another lyric that relates to this play is “‘Cause you loved her too much and you dove too deep.” This shows that Claudio loved Hero too much and when he thought she had cheated, he “dove too deep” and public ally disgraced her. Another’s lyric that relates to the play is “Everything you touch surely dies.” This relates to Don John’s villainous ways. Everything he touches dies. He first tries to ruin Claudio’s chances with Hero when he turns Claudio against Don Pedro. Then, he frames Hero for being unfaithful. Truly, every time he is involved with something, bad thing happen.