Technology Rules For Parents

By Mansukh Grewal

Rule 1

Never post anything that can be use against you.

Rule 2

Never I mean NEVER text and drive.Just look how many people die while texting and driving

Rule 3

If there's a website that offers to give you something and it asks for your phone number.decline it.

Rule 4

If child's being cyber bullied help them.You might think its harmless it more then harm less.Look at Amanda Todd for an example.

Rule 5

social media website(Facebook,Twitter,Snap Chat) might be trustworthy its really not.EXAMPLE:one girl got her website photo sold to scam website she committed death and got blamed for the scamming.May she rest in peace

Rule 6

never do something you regret like blackmail(because police can track you down)you'll be in big trouble.If you think you can get away.YOU CANT.

Rule 7

never trust anyone other then your family. Identity theft is very real

Rule 8

if you think I wont get you doing inappropriate things I will. Guess who am I?If you guessed a blackmailer your right

Rule 10

If there is children nude it illegal.Even if you open that file your part of it.