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Homeland and Push Factors

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Norwegian immigrants that moved to America were mostly norwegian farmers, who were in economic problems, and were looking for a new life. There was an industrial slow down in Norway and a lot of people couldn't find jobs. There was also a lot of religious persecution.

Texas and Pull Factors

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Norwegian people mainly settled around what is today DFW. Bosque County was the main county where Norwegian people settled, and most Norwegian people would settle in small communities consisting at the greatest of 25,000 people.

Back in the 1800s, The United States had a lot of opportunity for jobs, while in Norway there wasn't a lot of work opportunities. Also, in Texas there was a lot of cheap land, which for most Norwegians this was good because most Norwegian immigrants were farmers. The United States also had more freedom and had a lot of opportunity for these people.

Norwegian Culture

The two official languages for Norway are Bokmal and Nynorsk, Bokmal being a germanic language and then Nynorsk being an original language. Nynorsk was created in the 1900 century from peasant dialects. There are about four meals in a day, breakfast, noon meal, late afternoon meal, and evening. Norwegians generally eat meats, seafood, and potatoes. They also eat a lot of open sandwiches. In Norway, christmas starts on December 1, and there are 24 small gifts that kids open 1 each morning until the 24th of December. Then they celebrate christmas on Christmas eve opening the bigger presents. The "Norwegian Santa Claus" is called Julenissen, and his story was that he was a regular guy who just kept delivering christmas presents. Like American Santa Claus Julenissen has helpers but he does not have magical powers and supposedly sleeps for a few weeks after the big day.

Significant Individuals

Johan Reinert Reierson had land for his colony and as many others did. Bosque County, established in 1854 were being scouted by Cleng Peerson, Ole Canuteson, and Carl Engebretson Quaestad. They were around the Bosque river and brought some of the first Norwegian settlers. Ole Ringness, the son of one of the settlers, was significant because he invented the disc plow.

Did You Know?

Did you know that on hot weather, there are people that will only be wearing bikinis or shorts, in shops and places.

Alcohol can not be drunk on the weekdays and the Norwegian Government has strict restrictions to drinks.

Words like sorry, please, are not used very much.

Bringing children to a cafe late in the evening can be seen as child neglect.

Analysis 1

Norwegians today aren't known much for their contributions, but they are part of what makes Texas today so culturally diverse. Although there may not be much Norwegian people in Texas, there are a lot of people with some Norwegian descent.

Analysis 2

Texas is better off with the Norwegian immigration, because of the disc plow and the small towns in Bosque county, and their influence in Texas. Over the years in Texas, a lot of their customs have been lost, but there are those that have stayed. In a town in Bosque county, at a church there is a Norwegian custom that is still practiced in that church and a lot of the mailboxes have Norwegian last names on them.


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