the idustrial revolution

by dylan campbell

the industrial revolution

the industrial revolution was a time were a bunch of inventors were making a bunch of inventions its basically the booming of america where when the people started using the inventions to where the inventions are replacing the humans jobs and the humans are losing there job and when they have no job no payment no payment means no house or food no house or food you die. also the time where a bunch of factory's were made. so things were pretty hard back then and the worst part is that all those factory's caused pollution so the air was really messed up.

Dr.richard gatling

Dr richard gatling has invented gatling gun wich we have changed numorous times and have re named it a bunch of times and changed the design like the first design you have to keep in one spot unless on wheels and the new design are on helicopters and are also on tanks and are for people to carry around and we have changed the name to gatling gun to minigun and then the m-134. we have also mounted them on planes and called them rotery cannons also on the tops of millitary jeeps.

the new designs of the gatling gun

robert fulton

robert fulton invented the naval torpedoes for our sea wars. also we have changed these in many ways like into missles and mines and a bunch of other designs and to youre right an image of a torpedo we have also turned this torpedo into a nuclear missle called an ICBM missle we have also made missles to be mounted on jets and planes in war

henry ford

henry ford invented the model T car then we changed it a bunch he also invented the assembly line to mass produce things faster. and the ford mustang and the ford raptor and are examples of the ford cars that we have changed the model T cars into a bunch of new designs and these are only two examples.

child labor

CHILD LABOR. child labor was a time before pearl harbor children worked in factory's and some were poor and were separated from their family's some didnt know thier birthdays so they didnt know how old they were and thats really sad. some had no shoes or very poor clothing and they were payed very little like $2.12 and some also might wouldve had broken bones and not good lunches plus most died because the factory pollution and messed up their lungs. but in

  1. In 1924, Congress proposed a constitutional amendment prohibiting child labor, but the states did not ratify it. Then, in 1938, Congress passed the Fair Labor Standards Act. It fixed minimum ages of 16 for work during school hours, 14 for certain jobs after school, and 18 for dangerous work.

the assembly line

the assembly line was a machine where it would mass produce products faster and also the workers would have different jobs on making the product like one would put it together and the other would weld it together and the last would probably put the product in the box. plus it made the product numbers of how many that product has in total.