Wisconsin Report

April 29th 2016, Megan Thode

Poverty Problems

World Hunger is a big issue in the world currently. The number one cause of this is poverty. Developing countries can't afford seeds. If they can't afford seeds we can't plant things. Also they won't be able to feed farm animals which gives them less meat. One third of the food that is produced never gets eaten, how can we stop wasting food? Even producing food is leading up to more global issues. It's using up natural resources we use to feed the planet. We also are using up water supply. Soldiers aren't helping, a strategy they use to starve opponents by destroying livestock and crops. This does not just hurt the opponents but the rest of the country. If people can't afford food they can't eat. They will become weaker and that makes it harder to get a job. Unemployment is the cause of this. 795 million people right now don't have enough food to sustain an active and healthy life.

Will this get better?

How can we do it

Food donations can play a huge part of stopping world hunger. Although we can't get everybody to do it, it helps to feed one more person. Access to education is a big one. Especially in developing countries where in school they provide free lunches. It may not seem like much in the US, but it's big in developing countries. Poor nutrition causes 45 percent of the deaths of children under 5. We need to make sure our kids are getting the nutrition they need. Especially at young ages. Lastly we need to be leaders. World hunger can end but we need to work together.