The Arts of Rome

The most important thing in Rome and how we still use it now


The Arts of Rome are the most important things in Rome because we still use many of these things today, you may be thinking,"Really? How?" Just keep listening and you will understand. One thing is Mosaic art, you may not see them everyday, but they can be found in places like a church! They are made from glass,tile or colored stone! Frescoes are also found in many places like banks, restaurants or other buildings, they may look like just drawings on a wall, but they can have a huge story behind them. Cameo art is a very common type of art, you can find these types of art carved as a necklace, ring, vase, or just wall decorations, they also were made that way to show an event, portrait, or scene. You may be thinking that you could find all of this in a textbook, but actually, I'm getting ready to tell you some things you may not be able to find in a textbook. For an example, Cameo art is very easy to find, for you could just go to a place like Target or Walmart, because the jewelry they have there are actually sometimes Cameo art and you just don't know it!