News from Mrs. Landwehrmier

August 31, 2015

Hi Parents!

The beginning of the school year is off to a great start! The students are getting used to their daily routine and their new teacher! :) I will try to send home a weekly newsletter that keeps you informed about what is happening in our classroom. If you ever have any questions or concerns, you can write in your child's D.O.G. folder, send me an email at or call my school phone (636)-851-4370.

Learning this week!

Reading- We are practicing using our "Eagle Eye" while we read new text. This strategy tells the students to look at the picture to help figure out some words.

Phonics- We are concentrating on the letters Vv, Ss, Zz, and Jj this week. The students will recognize the upper and lowercase letter, their sounds and how to write them. Here are the letters we have already learned: Pp, Bb, Dd, Tt, Cc, Kk, Gg, Ff. You can practice ALL the letters using the ABC chart found in your child's D.O.G. Please do not remove the chart so it lasts all year!

Sightwords- We are learning to read the sight words can & like this week. We have already talked about the sight words the, we, a, see, I.

Writing- I am encouraging the students to write down the sounds they hear while they are trying to write a sentence. We have started this by copying most of the words in a simple sentence and trying to write just one word. Ex... I can ____________________. If the word is not spelled correctly that is okay! I will write it correctly underneath so the student can see how it should be spelled.

Math- We are going to take the Topic 1 Math test today which is over the numbers 1 - 5. Tomorrow we will start Topic 2. You can login in to Pearsonrealize by using the Math login I sent home. I have assigned the digital tests for Topic 2 for practice if you choose.