Erin Mingey

What is a GMO?

A GMO stands for a genetically modified organisms. In the process DNA is taken from one organism and put into another organism. This is done to improve the quality of an organism. There are many risks and benefits in changing organisms and food like this.


-Prevents plants from diseases

-Protects plants from insects

-Makes food look more appealing

-Makes food taste better

-Makes the nutritional value of food higher

-Has longer shelf life

-Creates more food for all around the world


-Contamination of other plants

-They are not healthy

-Increases use of herbicide (poison to keep animals from eating crops)

-Scientists researching GMOs and discovering issues are often attacked or threatened

-They are harmful to other species

-When creating GMOs it is often unknown what the results will be

-There is no economic value in GMOs


In my opinion, I think that GMOs should be labeled because people have a right to know what they are putting in their body. Some people don't mind what they eat and do not care if their food contains GMOs. While other people don't want these possibly harmful modifications in the food they eat.

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