Environmental Protection Specialist

Help save your ocean and ocean friends!

What it's like to be Environmental Protection Specialist

Do you enjoy helping out the environment, our deep blue more preferably? Help discover, clean, and recover those animals who were damaged from oil spills? Obtain water samples and discover new life forms everyday? Then a career as an Environmental Protection Specialist just might be the job for you! With your help, justice can be served to those who did wrong to our oceans and the plants and animals of our deep blue will thank you. :)

First, you must obtain your required education!

A Bachelor's degree is your first requirement before you start anywhere in your journey for this career. Soon after your Bachelor's, you must began hands-on training; become an intern! Once you believe you have received enough knowledge and training, begin to think about receiving your graduate's degree and start your career for the better of our oceans!

Salary & Opportunities

According to the BLS, the median annual salary of environmental scientists and specialists was $61,010 in May 2009. However, the highest paying industries averaged over $93,000 annually.