What's Kickin' in Kindergarten

September 19-23, 2016

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Classes with 100% participation of student families making a donation to the Felix Fundraiser get a pizza party. AND...the class that collects the highest dollar amount gets a technology item for student use! Thank you to our PTO for always working hard to improve Fairmount Elementary!
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"Flipped Classroom", Kindergarten Style! - Sight Word Book - Mrs. Versemann

In this video Mrs. Versemann will demonstrate how we read through a sight word book with kindergarten students. We read these books to help with concepts of print awareness, apply reading strategies, and learn sight words. Some teachers will be sending this book home next week, others may choose to do it in class. Thank you for your support!
Quarter 1 Week 6

Don't forget...

We ask that you do not walk children to class. Our students are adjusting to routines and having classroom visitors during the rush of morning arrival is very distracting and disruptive to these routines. Thank you for your support.

Attendance is very important for student learning!

Please try to have your students arrive on time and make attending school a priority. It is good to instill these habits early. You can access the school calendar below or via the FHSD website if you have any questions about school days. Thank you!

Reading Unit 2

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Unit 2 – A Colorful Time with Rhythm and Rhyme

We are moving right along into our second unit of reading and writing activities, A Colorful Time with Rhythm and Rhyme. We will continue learning several letters each week. Focusing on phonological awareness, students will be challenged to listen for rhythm and rhyming words within literature. Concepts of print are taught as students read poems, modeled writing, and informational books. The secondary focus within this unit is color; identifying colors, and reading and writing color words. In writing, students will also use a combination of drawing, dictating, and writing to retell poems and stories, and learn to apply sight words and color words while labeling pictures and writing sentences.
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Wear the COLOR OF THE DAY as we focus on reading and writing color words

September 19-23






September 26-28

Tuesday-Gray day

Wednesday-Rainbow Day!

Reading Strategy for This Week:

This week we will learn and practice the reading strategy, "Get Your Mouth Ready". When using this strategy, your child will look at the first letter of a word and get their mouth ready to make the sound.

Letters, Vocabulary, and Sight Words for this week:


Week 1: Ll, Rr, Xx, Yy, Qq

Week 2: Aa, Ee, Ii, Oo, Uu

Week 3: Review all letters

Week 4: Review all letters


Week 1: rhyme, pattern

Week 2:

author - a person who writes a story

illustrator - a person who makes the pictures for a story

Week 3: storybook, poem

Week 4: listener, speaker

Sight Words:

Week 1: and, you

Week 2: in, my

Week 3: it, go

Week 4: big, is, me

Math Topic for This Week

Topic 2 will be focusing on Comparing and Ordering Numbers 0-5. We will continue our exploration of these numbers as we sequence, count, and look at how different sets of objects are related to each other.

Math Vocabulary: More, Fewer, Same As

Writing in Kindergarten

Goals for Kindergarten Writing:

All the students are authors! In kindergarten, we learn to write letters, words, and sentences.

Our goals for writing in kindergarten include these concepts:

1. Sketch and dictate to tell a story

2. Write with related sounds (letter, word, label, sentence)

3. Use sight words and spell simple words phonetically

4. Explain that writing tells a reader about a picture or an idea

5. Show that a picture goes on paper in a special spot

6. Show that words that tell about a picture go on paper in a special spot

7. Share writing pieces with friends and with a large group

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Raz-Kids Login by Teacher - click the link below and use your child's teacher login information to access Raz-Kids

Mrs. Versemann - rversemann1

Mrs. Bee - bbeed

Mrs. Olivares - bolivares3

Mrs. Trask - ctrask0

Miss Swalley - jswalley0

Mrs. Hayes -bhayes17

Miss Garner - Sgarner6

Mrs. Stephens - kstephens0

Mrs. Schierholz - kleonhard1

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ABC Schedule for This Week

Monday, C Day

Tuesday, A Day

Wednesday, B Day

Thursday,C Day

Friday, A Day

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Specials Schedule By Teacher

Versemann: A is P.E., B is Art, C is Music

Bee: A is Art, B is Music, C is P.E.

Olivares: A is P.E., B is Art, C is Music

Trask: A is Music, B is P.E., C is Art

Henslee: A is Art, B is Music, C is P.E.

Hayes: A is P.E. B is Art, C is Music

Garner: A is Art, B is Music, C is P.E.

Stephens: A is Music, B is P.E., C is Art

Schierholz: A is Music, B is P.E., C is Art

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Meet the Kindergarten Teachers -Mrs. Hayes

Hi! My name is Mrs. Hayes and this is my fourth year teaching kindergarten. My husband, Mitchell, and I will be celebrating our four year wedding anniversary in September. We live in Kirkwood with our 90 pound goldendoodle, Teddy. We love walking Teddy to the local farmers market and picking out fresh and local food to cook! I love teaching kindergarten! I think it will be a very fun and exciting year!

Important Dates

September 14th, PTO Night at Freddy's on Jungerman

September 16th, NO SCHOOL, Teacher Professional Development Day

September 19th, Happy Birthday Mrs. Stephens

September 30th, Early Release Day

October 4th and 6th, Parent-Teacher Conferences

Please save your Box Tops!

Each box top you clip and turn in is worth 10 cents for Fairmount. Look for Box Tops throughout your grocery store on hundreds of participating products! Please check the expiration date as we cannot send in expired box tops. Visit http://www.boxtops4education.com/ to learn more and even print off money saving coupons.