Gold Rushes In Australia

By Zeeshan Ghaffar 5DJ

The Population

Population increased from 1851 to 1861 from 500462 to 3 168 082 people. England had the most migrants arrive in Australia during that time. There was a decrease in the number of people migrating from America because they had their own gold rush during that period time.

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Description: Of The Goldfields

Gold is a precious metal that is found in the ground. In 1851 Australia had its very own gold rush, where thousands of people migrated to Australia for the search of gold. Farmlands became the goldfields, and then these goldfields became cities and town. Gold was discovered around places like Ballarat, Bathurst, Sovereign hill and Clunes.

The main goldfields were located in the south east of Australia. They were home to the hard working miners who came to Australia to strike it rich. The surface gold were covered in old crummy grass and broken up on it, the goldfields were as dry as a bone.

The goldfields were like a gigantic ant nest, with thousands of ants busily digging away at separate little holes. The gold shone as bright as the sun, the goldfields were a potential minefield for beginners.

The miner’s clothes were like a blanket of dirt and the miner’s belt looked like a huge snake slithering around their waist. Miners were as happy as larks when they struck gold.