The Southeast Natives

By: Gage Morgan (period 4)

Southeast natives

The Southeast Natives had many groups such as the Caddoes, Atakapans, and the Alabama-Coushattas. They lived of course in the southeast so they got plenty of rainfall and they live in area with fertile soil. They plant crops such as pumpkins, beans, and corn. They plant crops a lot because the rainfall waters for them and grows crops that they save for food. (obviously) Also the southeast natives do crafts and make things like rugs and baskets but they mainly do pottery. They had a diet of tobacco, tomatoes, grits, sweet potatoes etc. Most of the Southeast natives came from Alabama in the 1700's. The women in the Southeast took care of there family's because the men worked, back then people didn't believe that women should have the rights to work so they did all of the home work.

1. The people would adapt to the weather by 2. The southeast natives live very

using AC and doing anything to get use different lives than the Western natives.

to the heat. They developed trade networks The western natives get very little to 0

and complex societies. rainfall and its very dry. The southeast

native get a good amount of rainfall and

aren't as dry. Also the southeastern

natives grow very many crops as the

western natives don't.

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