The Path to Perserverance

By Ashley Flickinger

Date: June 6, 2015


Perseverance means that you keep trying even when an obstacle is thrown your way.


Tom Monaghan had to go through many adversities. First he borrowed $900 to open up a pizza shop, but when summer came along his business dropped by 75%. Next Tom had a new partner, but that partner went on a spending spree and their business went bankrupt. Then he said goodbye to his partner and the business finally started getting better. After his ex partner declared bankruptcy and was now responsible for over $75,000 of debt. Next a devastating fire caused Domino’s to almost go under. About 18 months later his business was in financial trouble. Lastly Tom Monaghan was able to have resilience so that he could have a successful business.
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That is what Tom looked like.

Cause and Effect

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I chose this because he had to fight racism

Compare and Contrast

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I chose this because they both play baseball.


Jackie Robinson was a symbolic figure in baseball. Robinson showed that blacks were equal to whites. When he got off the field he transformed into a exemplary character when it came to racism. If Robinson could have done something other than baseball then his impact on the world would have been much different and maybe not as effective. As a result Robinson used the baseball diamond to make a social impact.
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This was Jackie in his baseball jersey

Problem and Solution

The problem is that he was trying to get to the major leagues but he was never good enough. As a result of this he would keep trying and trying until he got better. Everyday he worked until his hands bled. The dodgers needed a new shortstop so he worked hard to try and have them hire him, but they ignored his suggestion. After they couldn't find any replacement he finally put in Maury Wills. Wills persevered through his adversity's and finally became a good player and triumphed in his career.
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This is what Maury Will looked like


Perseverance is when you have an adversity's in life and you get back up and keep trying until you succeed. I believe that people can learn from other peoples adversity because if someone makes a mistake then people can remember not to have other peoples adversities.