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The Gotham Comedy Club in New York.

Zach Rosenfeld, 14 year old

Eric Kurn, 16 year old

Leo Frampton, 17 year old


The Gotham Comedy Club teaches kids how to be funny and to get on a stage and perform without being scared and forgetting all their lines. Like Eric Kurn he got on stage for his first time and forgot all his lines and was really scared. The comedy club taught him how not to be scared and the next time he went up on stage he did great.


New York City


March 5, 2013


The reason why I think they made the camp/club for these kids is to help them express their inner comedian and to teach the kids not to be scared in front of a live audience.


They put together a club that is ran by real comedians and they help the young kids go farther in their career. They teach the kids how to open up and not be afraid telling jokes in front of others.


My prediction is that sense this article was in Achieve3000 more and more kids will read about it and they will go and ask there parents if they can maybe look into taking a class on comedy or if they live in New York they could ask there parents if they can go to that camp/club. But my guess is that only the kids that are really into comedy and want to lean more about it will ask to join.


How I Connect to this article is because Project i has helped me not be so nervous to speak in front of the class/groups. I can also connect to this because last summer I went to a camp to help me learn more about the thing that I love and want to do learn more about so I can get better.

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Simon Cadel--Kid Comedian Live at The Gotham Comedy Club