An Interview With Mrs. Jewell

By Hannah Mooney

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Mrs. Jewell in her classroom

The Teaching History of Mrs. Jewell

Mrs. Jewell went to college at the University of Austin Texas. She received a bachelor's degree in Science and began subbing at an elementary school for 2 years. She has been teaching for 4 years in a high school. She still currently teaches at Keller High School (Pre-AP Chemistry) for 10th and 11th graders.
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Keller High School

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University of Texas in Austin

Duties associated with Mrs. Jewell's teaching career:

The duties associated for her include assessing, grading, janitorial, lab set-up, coaching, paperwork, tutoring, and most importantly, having fun!

Duties not associated:

Unfortunately with all the hard work put in, she doesn't have very much personal time.

A Day in the Life:

A typical day as a teacher in Mrs. Jewell's life begins with tutorials in the morning, class time, grading during lunch, more class, coaching 2 hours, grading for about another hour, eating, and sleeping.

Hours per week:

On average, Mrs. Jewell works about 70 hours per week.

What are her biggest challenges teaching?

Mrs. Jewell says her biggest challenge is motivating students.

What are the biggest rewards?

When a student finally understands the material, and when they achieve their goals.


On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest, a 10 is how much self-motivation is needed for Mrs. Jewell.


Mrs. Jewell's advice for students looking to pursue a career in teaching is to focus on the kids and never be afraid to make mistakes.

What techniques does she use to teach?

Mrs. Jewell mimics behavior, asks questions, gives quick assessments, gives inquiry labs, does lecturing, modeling, and uses colors and pictures to aid in her teaching.