Mexico, the silver mining country

By, Austin Weinschenk

The map of mexico

This is the map that I chose for the [map of mexico]

Culture of Mexico.

Sports- Mostly the only sports mexico plays are soccer, Lacrosse, And Baseball. I think they are best at soccer myself but that is my opinion. They also participate in the Olympics, But usually don't do very well. But in 2012 they took the gold and celebrated in the streets of Mexico.

Foods- Most foods in mexico are mexican foods but sometimes they eat american foods. Mexicans like to eat from taco's to junk food. They actually have has a common food is soup, and seafood. My favorite Mexican food is a taco.


The mexican farmers in mexico practice slash-and-burn agriculture. Which that is the practice of burning forest in order to clear land for planting. They grow a lot of cash crops. And a cash crop is a crop that farmers grow mainly to grow for a profit.


Mexico has lots of climates from snowy days to days that are hotter that 100 degree's. In mexico the elevation changes rapidly so if you are in a place that has high elevation, will probably have pretty cool temperatures. And most of the time in the summer in [southern Mexico] in the rain forest it's hot but also rains a lot.


Much of the interior landscape of mexico is of High and mostly rugged region called the mexican plateau. The plateaus lowest point is more that a half mile above sea level. But also the highest is more about 2 miles above sea level. The entire plateau spreads between two mountain ranges that rise still higher.

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