Sudie News

First Day of School Reminders

Principal's Message

Sudie Staff,

This will be my very last newsletter I write to you as your principal. The last nine years have been such a wonderful experience for me not only professionally, but personally as well. They say you never forget your firsts. Sudie was my very first experience as a school principal. I have enjoyed getting the opportunity to work with such a devoted, caring, passionate and fun staff! Your can do attitude, energy and enthusiasm I take with me. I will never forget everything you have done not only for our students and our community but for me as well. You showered me with appreciation throughout these nine years and for that I am forever grateful. I appreciate your honesty and understanding when it was most needed. I thank you for the lessons that I learned during our time together. I know that every experience in our lives prepares us for our next chapter. Thank you for being a part of my first chapter. I walk away with my head held high because I am proud of what we were able to accomplish together! I encourage you to continue to build on the work that we started. Take Sudie Williams to the next level! Sudie Pride!!! Once a Sudie Lion, Always a Sudie Lion!!!


Lorena G. Hernandez

Spirit Shirts

Please wear your new Sudie Williams spirit shirt and jeans on Monday so that as parents and visitors need help, they know who to approach. We will also be taking a group picture in the garden afterschool with our spirit shirts on.

Breakfast in the Classroom

PreKinder and Kindergarten students will have breakfast in the cafeteria for the first week of school only. During this week, parents will be allowed to stay and eat breakfast with their children until 8:00 AM. All other students in grades 1st-5th grade will be picked up from the auditorium at 7:45 AM and have breakfast in their own classrooms. Please help us by being in the auditorium as early as you can, 7:30 if you can. The first day is always hectic and we could use everyone's help. Thank you in advance.

School Supplies

All school supplies brought by students on Monday will be labeled with a sharpie with the child's name and classroom. These supplies will be dropped off in the two designated locations; the front foyer and the side cafeteria entrance. They will be delivered to the classrooms once all students are in class. The following staff members have been assigned to assist with school supply drop off.

Front Foyer-Main Entrance: Ms. Grady/Ms. King/DISD volunteer

Cafeteria Side Door Entrance: Mr. Clear/Mr. Lowry/Szarzynski

New Students Not on Your Roster

Please take attendance by 9:00 AM on the first day. Any new student that has been assigned to your homeroom should arrive with an information card from Ms. Barrera. If they do not have any information with them send them to the office immediately. If they are already on your roster just take normal attendance.

Bus Students

All students that will ride the bus will have a lanyard assigned to them. Teachers please make sure that all of your bus students are wearing their lanyards by the time that the designated teacher assistants arrive to pick them up so that they can direct them to the right bus. Teacher assistants please collect all lanyards as students are entering their bus and place the lanyards back in the appropriate teachers' box.

Enrollment Packets

Only RETURNING students will receive new enrollment packets. Please collect these daily and help us by encouraging students to return them as soon as possible so that we can update all of their information.

First Day of School Debrief Meeting

Please be reminded that we will be meeting on Monday at 3:30 PM to debrief about our first day of school procedures. This meeting will also be a time for you to meet your brand new principal.

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