By Siddharth Soma

The Orgin Of Tae-kwon-do

The Orgin of Tae-kwon-do was from Korea. It was starting to be used in 1955 but dates back to 2300 years ago. The name was suggested by a man named Choi Hong Hi which he called Tae-kwon-do which meant literally " The way of foot and fist." Tae meaning " foot" Kwon meaning " fist" and Do meaning "way of."


The purpose of Tae-kwon-do is for self defense. They mainly use hands and feet instead of weapons because if in any circumstance you are unarmed you can still fight even when you are in a disadvantage. This is a sport so it means it gets you fit. There are patterns for your form which is like a mental test, so it is great for your mind and body.


Some Benifits for doing Taekwondo is

  • Discipline
  • Self Defence
  • Confidence
  • Concentration
  • Strength
  • Balance
  • Reduced Aggression
  • Flexibility
  • Coordination
  • Leadership Skills
  • Honesty
  • Loyalty

Fun facts

  • Taekwondo is an Olympic Sport (So Is Judo)
  • Today over 70 million people practice Taekwondo , 4 million of them are black belts
  • Common Injuries are bruises and strains
  • It is a combat sport and a martial art.
  • Burn a lot of calories
  • Good way to stay active