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May 2022

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Celebrating & Supporting our Community

Welcome Kennedy/NAHS/VAAS CoS students, families and community members! Happy Belated Administrative Professionals Day (April 27th), Happy Belated School Principals Day (May 1st), and Happy Belated Teacher Appreciation Day (May 3rd) and Happy Mother's Day!!! We hope you all know how very appreciated each and everyone of you are. We see all of the hard work and passion you pour into supporting our students and we celebrate the lasting contributions you are making for our students, families and community! You make our Community of Schools a shining star!
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Tulsa Street Elementary School Celebrations

Tulsa Street Elementary students in Mrs. Melendez-Smith's 3rd grade class made this wonderful video of the students reciting Change Sings by Amanda Gorman.
Tulsa Open House: Change Sings
The 4th grade students at Tulsa Street Elementary School finished a Greek Mythology unit. In this unit, students learned about myths, Greek Gods and Goddessess, as well as Greek Monsters. Students created drawings, allusion advertisements, as well as their own Gods and Goddesses for narrative writing.
Board Member Scott Schmerelson visited Tulsa Street Elementary School and got to spend time with some fantastic kindergarten students during art class and snack as well as Tulsa's Student Leadership. He also also got to meet some of Tulsa's PTSA as they were planning a celebration for Teacher Appreciation Week. Go Tigers!

Mayall Academy Genius Hour Projects

Mayall Academy teachers have participated in the Genius Hour professional development. Genius Hour is inquiry-based, student-directed learning where students are in control of choosing what they want to study and creating a project. As a result, kindergartners in Ms. Ventura's class built wrecking balls with a partner to knock over the wall made out of plastic cups. Our 5th graders in Mrs. Kim's class were interested in designing a theme park. They created roller coasters as a group project. They also tested it out for effectiveness. They deepened their learning of the science engineering standards while they were having fun.


Haskell STEAM Magnet Elementary 3rd grade students hosted a Project Based Learning Showcase to share the projects they have been working on with the rest of the school community and their families. Amazing work, Haskell Rascals!

Patrick Henry Middle School

Students in Mr. Santana's class recently created rap poems and songs to represent what they had learned about the abolitionist movement in US history. Their performances were riveting and we are humbled by their talent and passion!
Rap Poem Video Mr. Santana Patrick Henry MS PAVA

Porter Middle School Celebrations

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Congratulations to Porter students Mia Salinas (7th grade) and Liliana Saucedo (8th grade) who participated in the 2021-22 LAUSD Conservatory of Fine Arts. Last week, both students showcased a few of their exemplary art selections. Please see below:
To see the entire art show, please see below. Congratulations, Porter Trojans!
CFA ART SHOW 4.28.2022
Congratulations to Ms. Meyer and 7th-grade student Yariel F. Ms. Meyer coordinated efforts for 7th-grade student Yariel F. to participate in a conversation with Superintendent Carvalho along with other secondary students across the District. Yariel shared successes and needs with Superintendent Carvalho during our return to school. We are so proud of Yariel! He was awesome.

Thank you parents for supporting our Anti-Vaping campaign last week. We appreciate your efforts and invite you to continue having anti-vaping conversations with your child and conducting the look fors mentioned in the session regularly. If you missed the session, please watch the recording at For questions or more information, please contact Mr. Orellana at

Frost Middle School Celebrations and Events

On April 29th, Frost Middle School recognized all students who were able reclassify from English Learner status to Fluent English Proficient status. All of these students were able to reclassify during a pandemic and that demonstrates how motivated and hard working they are! Please see the slideshow below for pictures of some of the students. We were not able to get a picture of all students who were recognized during the ceremony, but we applaud each and everyone of the students who were able to reclassify!
Frost Reclassification Awards
Frost Middle School will be hosting an open house and showcase for perspective families on May 25th and June 4th. There will be performances from the orchestra and choir pictured below. You can see a sneak peak at the talent of the Frost Singers in the video clip as well. Click here to register.
Frost Choir
Frost was able to host the National History Museum's Mobile Exhibit where students got to experience a simulation of a human-occupied submersible dive to the bottom of the San Pedro Channel. Students assumed the role of marine biologists conducting exploratory research! What a great opportunity for some hands on learning!

Northridge Academy High School

NAHS students stood in solidarity with sexual assault survivors and victims on Denim Day, which is celebrated every year on the last Wednesday of April.

Cinco de Mayo and Attendance Recognition at Jane Addams High School

In celebration of Cinco de Mayo Jane Addams High School distributed conchas (a traditional Mexican sweet bread) to its students and staff during morning check in. During lunch, students enjoyed breaking piñatas and eating their treats and enjoying the festivities. We also took time to recognize our students’ efforts in school attendance by giving out gift bags and treats to those with excellent and proficient attendance. Students not in that category still received a treat for being present and taking initiative in their academic career. We hope to host many more celebrations for our students so they can enjoy their time at Jane Addams High School and feel accomplished for their hard work.

KNV Community of Schools Partners with Releve Studios!

KNVCoS is excited to announce that we have partnered with Releve Studios, a KNVCoS parent owned dance and theater studio in Northridge, to provide all elementary schools in our Community of Schools and our continuation high school with dance and theater classes. Releve provides a rich dance and theater curriculum that supports students to become empowered leaders, develop their collaboration skills, and aligns with grade level standards all while allowing students to have fun and experience the creativity and power of dance and theater! See some of our students in their Releve classes below.

KNVCoS Restorative Practice Ambassador Program

Restorative Practices Ambassadors (RPAs) are 4th and 5th grade elementary students who are in our new KNVCoS Restorative Practice Ambassador Program at our six of our elementary schools. This program embraces and fosters the students' ability to build community and resolve conflict in a positive manner. It is an all-stakeholders approach to creating a positive climate with the guidance of many staff members such as teachers, administrators, and classified personnel. However, the RPAs are taking ownership of the process and taking the lead in doing morning greetings at the entrance gates for all students. Also, they are visiting lower-grade classes to do Check-Ins to build connections and positive relationships. Finally, RPAs are monitoring the yard to resolve conflicts using Restorative Questions to allow students to listen to each other and make amends. We have seen great success in all aspects of this program, in that, students are teaching students how to be kind and although we may have conflict, we can resolve it in a kind way because we care about each other.

So, if you see one of our RPAs in their purple vest, please celebrate them. Let them know how much you appreciate their smiles, positive attitude, and hard work in helping everyone feel they belong and are seen and cared for.

See below for some pictures of the RPAs at Darby Elementary in action!

Parent & Community Engagement and Updates

Beyond the Bell Beat Battle 2022 Hype Video
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Parent Center Updates

Parent Center Directors from schools across our Community of Schools gathered to share resources, best practices and to receive certificates of appreciation for all of their hard work to support parents and our community. Thank you Parent Center Directors!

Virtual Equity Workshops

We are inviting all parents to join us for a series of Virtual Equity Workshops! These workshops compliment our District's Implicit Bias training for all employees. Parents will explore the dangers of single narratives, our diverse histories, implicit bias, being an ally and advocate. Clink the flyer below for the zoom link.
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E-Choices Late Application 2022-2023

The E-Choices Late Application for 2022-23 is from February 1st- September 23rd.

Families can apply up to 5 programs: Magnet, Dual Language Education, Schools for Advanced Studies, Admission Criteria Schools and Affiliated Charter Schools

Learn more and apply here

LAUSD 2022-2023 School Calendar

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