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Learning about Learning

What a great week at BBE! PLCs on Monday were insightful as we learned the difference between being a "group" and a "team" and then our interactive faculty meeting on Wednesday was part of charting new ground at BBE as we start to "flip" our faculty meetings to not only focus on instruction, but to share our learning!

Next week, our admin team (including instructional coaches) will be doing some learning walkthroughs on Tuesday. The purpose is to simply get a picture of the instruction taking place on our campus. We will not be evaluating or giving feedback--we are simply "learning" about instruction at BBE. Our goal is for all of our teams to have this experience, so please just continue doing what you're doing--teaching kids!

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Ray


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Tweaking Our PLC Rotations

Since this past Monday was our first go at PLCs, we have done some "tweaking" to our rotation schedule. We will be adding our Tech Ninja class starting on Monday, so please check the updated rotation schedule since at least one person from each grade level will be changing locations. Also, we are moving K-2 with Ms. Bauerle to the primary playground. They will participate in structured PE for 20 minutes and then have recess for the last 15 minutes.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. As always, let's give ourselves some grace as we work out the new things we are trying!

Data, Data, Data!

Just a reminder to please bring the following with you to your PLC on Monday, so we can continue the work we've started as we continue to know our kids by name and by need:

1. PLC Binder

2. Chromebook

Thank you to the teachers who fully completed their data sheets (Historical Data, New Kids Data, RtI Tiers for Math, Reading, and Behavior based on the sheet given to you by Ms. Cunningham). We are extremely grateful for your honoring Friday's deadline and our faculty norms to "Be Prepared."

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Vision and Hearing Screening--from Ms. Boyd

Next week we will begin the process of vision and hearing screening on Kindergarten students beginning on Tuesday, Sept 20th from 8:30 a.m. until 10:15 a.m. Please try not to send students to the clinic during this time unless the student has a scheduled medication or it is an emergency.

First, third and fifth grade students will be screened in the coming weeks. We will notify each grade level when it is your turn. (Third and Fifth Grade students will be pulled from PE when it is their turn).

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