Computer Software Engineering

By-Micah Copeland

What are some daily activities that Computer Engineers do

Some things that they do are they work on computers and they try to come up with new creative ideas for new software.

What are the working conditions

Some of their working conditions are they are almost always work as a team, Communicate by email-phone or by person on a daily basis.

What is the yearly wages of a Computer Software engineer

The yearly wages of a Computer Software Engineer is $70,600.

The preparation of a Computer Software Engineer

Some preparation is you need a to have a high school diploma Have a bachelor's degree.

Important skills needed

  1. Understand written information
  2. Work with people
  3. Reason and problem solving
  4. Use math and science
  5. Work with things

Recommended core and elective classes to take

Two core classes are Calculus and physics and two elective classes that would be helpful are Computer programming and Electronics