Theodore Roosevelt

Bailee Newcomer

His accomplishments

Theodore Roosevelt was a reformer in many different categories and attempted a lot of changes. One reform being, the increase of railroad regulation. He attempted this with legislation, all of this was influenced by muckrakers. The cost of railroads were increasing because they needed the money to improve efficiency and safety, and the people didn't like that. This also prevented the employees who worked on the railroad to have "free passes" on the train. So overall, this reform wasn't a good one for the people to enjoy, but for the economy.

Theodore Roosevelt also helped establish the Conservation Movement. This idea was to "preserve the world around us." What he wanted, was to protect wildlife and natural resources. What he did was; he would protect 230 million acres of land, he also stayed beside a lot of national attractions, like forests, monuments and parks. Theodore really cared about all of the natural things and all of the wildlife, so this movement was to help protect what was naturally made.

One other thing he did, was help establish the navy. His plan was to use the military and diplomatic force, and the movement of dispositions of the navy's assets. He wanted the navy, to become the source of power for the US and help the Navy protect our country. He would write articles, make speeches, and go to the Naval officers to share his opinion. He ordered ammunition and supplies. To this date, the navy really helps protect our country, so this reform was very impacting to our country today.

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