Physical and Chemical Smore

By Sonia Bhattacharya Science 6

Physical Change

Definition: A physical change is a change that occurs when a substance changes it look or appearance but it is still the same substance


1. Mixing colors

2. Salt and water

3. Food coloring and water

4. Paper ripping in half

5. Ice cream melting

Chemical Change

Definition: A chemical change happens when one or more substances are changed into new substances that have new and different properties.


1. Burning paper

2. Rusting of iron

3. Fireworks

4. Baking a cake

5. Baking Cookies


1. Odor

2. Change in color

3. Fizzing

4. Foaming

5. Change in temperature

Physical Property

Definition: A physical property is a characteristic of a substance that can be observed without changing the substance into something totally different. You use your 5 senses to observe a substance.


1. Color

2. size

3. texture

4. Solubility

5. melting point

Chemical Property

Definition: A chemical property is a characteristic that is observed when one substance interacts with another substance.


1. Combustibility

2. Dissolving

3. Flammability

4. Incompatible substances

5. Corrosion

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Physical Change vs. Chemical Change

The difference between a physical and chemical change is that when a physical change occurs, the substance is the same it is just it looks different. When a chemical change occurs, the entire substance changes, like paper burning. All that is left of the paper is ashes. Ashes are a completely different substance than a match or fire.
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Physical Property vs. Chemical Property

The difference between a physical and a chemical property is that a physical property is when you observe something without changing the substance of it. A chemical property is something you observe when one substance interacts with another substance and creates a whole new substance.
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