Pamlico Sound Estuary

The second largest estuary in the U.S

Pamlico Sound is located about halfway up the coast of NC, between Albemarel Sound and Core sound.

Some of the many rivers that feed into Pamlico sound are

> the Neuse River

> the Pamlico River

> and the Tar River

Some plants and animals that reside in Pamlico are...

Although, there are some things threatening to destroy estuaries just like this one. Some examples are...

> Coastal development

> Over fishing and reckless boating

> Aquaculture and Marina development

> Pesticide runoff from farms

> Deforestation

> Channel Dredging

> Introducing new species

Why should we care?

Estuaries are very important to a large variety of species that call Pamlico Sound home. They are also very important to the people that live there. Many rare and endangered species reside in the murky waters or the windy skies of Pamlico, and many locals, tourists, and companies are reliant on it. Tourists and locals use this estuary for fishing, swimming, and bird watching. Many fishing and real estate companies are based in estuaries!