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Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages: You can carry more stuff with you, able to go through currents

Disadvantages: Dangerous, poorly built


In 1802, Robert Fulton planed to build at steamboat with Robert Livingston that would cross the Hudson Bay. The rights of the navigation were held by Livingston. The boat was ready for a trial run by August of 1807. They called this boat Clermont by history. It was 150 feet long and 13 feet white. Fulton and his team left at one o'clock, but shortly after they left the engine stopped. once they fixed the problem they continued. They went five miles up the river 24 hours later they made it to Robert Livingston's manor house that was 110 miles up the Hudson. They finally finished the voyage the next day. Fulton actually took passengers on his voyage back to New York.

Why should you buy one?

They will help you get through the currents with smooth sailing. At times if can be slow but don't worry you can still bring all of your stuff with you.

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The Steamboat - History Key Assignment - February 2014