Boats 'n' Notes

Brett McVean, Beau Miller, Emily Bode

Reasons To Go To War

-Fight for Freedom

-Terrorist Attack


-Help Out Weaker Countries/Allies



Reasons to Avoid War


-Weak Army

-People in Harm's Way

-Low Resources


Drafting Soldiers to Fight... Yes or No? Why?

Soldiers should only be drafted if the army is in a weak spot and believes they can come out of it with the help of the draft. Drafted soldiers should be prepared before going into battle.

Just Wars

-American Revolution; Got america's freedom

-World War II; Becuase of pearl harbor

-World War I; to help allies

-War on Terror; Fighting to stop terrorism

-Texas Revolutuion; Made texas independent

-War of 1812; Becuase they attacked us

Unjust Wars

-Civil war; Should not have fought against each other

-Korean War; Nothing was achieved

-Vietnam War; Many lives lost

-Gulf War; We weren't needed

-US Army Vs. Native Americans; Took their land and killed many

World War I: 1914-1918

-US joined to help allies

-Germany attempt to become superpower

-Treaty of Versailles

-Woodrow Wilson is president

-Trenches - Shotguns

-Submarines, Tanks, Machine Guns