Environmental Study Project

Edaniz Ayala


The average precipitation in Orlando, Florida Is 53.17 inches of rain. The Yearly precipitation in Florida is 52.80 Inches of rain.

Natrual Disasters

The Past 10 Hurricanes In Orlando Florida.(In 2003,2013)

Hurricane Charlie

Hurricane Frances

Hurricane Ivan

Hurricane Jeanne

Hurricane Dennis

Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Wilma

All these tragic accidents caused millions without power homes and food.


The Most Known Culture Is Latino. Latin Cultures have lots of parades parties and Amazing Dances. There are bachata a latin dance, plena a puerto rican dance and other dances that at parties people dance to like Salsa and Merengue.


In 1840 Orlando Was known as Jerigain. It was named after the Jernigan Family.Six years later the name was changed permanently to Orlando In 1857. The U.S Post Office adopted the name change. No one knows the truth about how or why they change Jernigan to Orlando. but what some people know that it changed history forever.

My Map

I picked these 5 places because i usually go there mostly everyday or sometimes even 2 times a week. I go to my grandmas house on the weekends and i goto school on the week days.