Allen ISD Construction Updates

Project Updates from the 2020 Bond Election - June 2021

Dear Allen ISD Community,

Summer is here, and that means many of our projects from the 2020 Bond Election are under way. On behalf of Allen ISD, I would like to thank our community for supporting our bond proposals that will provide updates to our campuses, security, transportation, and infrastructure, as well as purchase new technology devices for our students and staff.

Our dedicated Board of Trustees and staff are helping oversee these projects, but I also wanted to ensure that each of our community members are kept in the loop as the projects progress. This newsletter is designed to provide our community with an up-close look at the construction projects happening in Allen ISD – no hard hat needed.


Robin Bullock, Ed.D.

Superintendent of Schools

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Boon Elementary: Campus Update

Work on E.T. Boon Elementary School began shortly after students and staff left on the last day of school. Construction is taking place over the summer and the building will be ready for the 2021-2022 school year.

During a typical campus update, Allen ISD will change the instructional environment to meet our district goals and Graduate Profile. The process also allows AISD to replace end-of-life systems, finishes, technology, and furniture.

Building efficiency will be enhanced, which can reduce yearly operational and maintenance costs by up to 30 percent. For example, tile wainscot will be used to replace wallpaper, flooring will be replaced with a low-maintenance version that does not require waxing, and efficient LED lighting will be installed. The campus will also receive a digital marquee and new playground equipment.

A rendering of the updated Boon library is pictured above.

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What's Happening at the Boon Fields?

As part of the approved full renovation for Boon Elementary School, geothermal wells are being dug on the property to help with energy efficiency. The wells allow the air conditioning system to take advantage of the naturally occurring difference between the above ground air and the subsurface soil temperature to more efficiently heat and cool the school building.

The geothermal wells are strategically placed under the ground providing an energy-efficient heat reservoir. This, coupled with the ground source heat pump system that provides heating and cooling to the building, will allow Boon Elementary to keep conditions comfortable year-round while using a fraction of the energy required by traditional heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems.

The addition of the geothermal wells is expected to save between 30 and 35 percent in maintenance costs.

Upon completion, the wells will be completely hidden underground and the playground at Boon Elementary will return to its regular appearance.

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Allen High School: G Hall Update

Allen High School's Academic G Hall is undergoing an update this summer. The update will mirror previous updates that occurred inside F Hall. The academic hall, which is approximately 120,000 sq. ft., will receive new finishes, technology, and furniture. In addition, collaborative spaces will be constructed for students to support independent and group work. A rendering of a collaborative work space is pictured above.
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Ereckson Middle School: Campus Update

Ereckson Middle School has been approved for a full campus update with funds from the 2020 Bond Election. This is the first major campus update for a middle school incorporating new collaborative learning spaces, and it will mirror designs seen in the STEAM Center, the new Lowery Freshman Center, and updated elementary campuses.

This project is currently in the planning and design phase, with work expected to begin this Fall. The Allen ISD Operations Department worked with administrators and staff from all three middle schools during the design phase, as this renovation could help shape future redesigns at other middle schools. The renovation includes a redesigned entrance and reception area to promote safe access for visitors.

Due to the size of the campus, the campus update cannot be finished in the summer months. Renovation on Ereckson Middle School is scheduled to begin in October 2021 and the last phase is scheduled to be completed in July 2022.

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Purchase of Technology Devices for Students and Staff

A total of $25 million in bond funding is dedicated to purchasing technology devices for students and staff. Allen ISD will continue to refresh computer devices and audio/visual equipment based on an established life cycle management schedule. This helps to plan for the replacement of campus technology and to avoid operational risks due to outdated systems.

Elementary staff members received tablet devices prior to the end of the school year. Pictured above is a technology distribution celebration hosted by Anderson Elementary in May.

In addition to the technology refresh cycle, the Technology Department is currently assessing the state of the student mobile device inventory to determine the purchasing needs for the implementation of the Allen ISD Empower 1:1 Student Device program in the 2021-2022 school year. The assessment of inventory will allow the district to proceed with the implementation of the 1:1 program in a fiscally responsible manner by adjusting purchasing quantities every year based on the life cycle of available devices. The distribution of mobile devices for students will begin during the Fall of 2021. Students will be assigned their devices for instructional purposes. The design of the 1:1 program will include a take-home model for specific grade levels.

The Board of Trustees approved the purchase of up to 7,100 student devices during its June meeting. The final number of devices purchased will be based on inventory and need.

Devices that have been chosen for student use were selected based on high-performance indicators and ease of use. The Technology department is also focused on upgrading technology infrastructure and bandwidth to ensure students the connectivity for multiple devices concurrently at high speeds.

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Security Device Update

The Bond Election included funds designated for continued maintenance and improvement for the Safe and Secure Schools Department. Security cameras inside Anderson, Rountree, and the Administration Building will be refreshed throughout the summer months, thereby bringing them up to districtwide standards. An additional 60 interior cameras will also be added to various elementary schools during the summer months and may continue through the end of 2021.

Funds remain available for the natural replacement of cameras across the district as they reach the end-of-life stage. This is expected to be a multi-year project, and cameras will be assessed to maximize return on investment that aligns with our current district infrastructure.

An additional bond construction project includes strengthened window film for the campuses of Story, Rountree, Reed, Lindsey, and the STEAM Center. This project is taking place this summer.

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Transportation Updates

As part of the 2020 Bond Proposition, AISD purchased 11 school buses in February 2021. These buses have been ordered with anticipated delivery in August for use in the 2021-2022 school year. The Board of Trustees has authorized an additional 14 buses to be purchased over the next 18 months.

The Transportation Department also utilized bond funds to purchase shop equipment including an alignment machine console and a set of bus lifts. A large-capacity air compressor is planned for purchase mid-summer. The Allen ISD Transportation Department handles all its own maintenance and these pieces of equipment allow our team to address aging buses and increased ridership in a quick and efficient manner.

Also included in the 2020 Bond Election is a bus rider communication and safety system. The Transportation Department is in the process of vetting vendors for this safety solution and plans to make a recommendation to the Board of Trustees in the coming months.

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Thank you for your ongoing support of Allen ISD. We will continue to keep the community updated on the progress of our bond construction project and future plans.