Laserfiche - Advanced Search

How to do an Advanced Search

Step 1: Login to Laserfiche

If you have access to Laserfiche, you will see a tile in your MyGC Portal.

Username: Full Email Address

Password: Same as Windows login

Step 2: Click on Advanced

This will bring up the Advanced Search Box

Step 3: Update Your Search Parameters

Key items to achieve a positive search result:

  1. Keep "All Fields" checked only. The other boxes will read and bring all text that resembles what you are looking for. For example, it you type in "Ray" it might find every document that has the word "Say" in it.
  2. If you know the folder, make sure "Search within current folder" is picked.
  3. Click Search
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Step 4: *Optional* Save Your Search Parameter

If you will be using this search in the future, you can save your search parameters.
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Find your Saved Search in the drop down at the top of "Advanced Search"

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