Africanized Honey Bee

by Lily K and Jacklyn K

Attention council

we think that killer bees are worthy of getting $1,000,000 because this is a serious matter and they need to be contained. this is a problem and it is effecting peoples lives.

how did they get there?

the were impoted to brazil to try to increse honey production but it got out of hand because the honey bees were very aggressive and were invading the united states

where has it invaded?

it has invaded mexico, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, California, Oklahoma, Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, and Arkansas.


  • are more aggressive
  • guard a larger area around their hives
  • become upset more easily by humans and machinery
  • respond faster and in larger swarms
  • chase threatening humans and animals for as much as a quarter of a mile

We got this information from

  • there are 10,000 to 15,000 in each nest

what is the extent?

They are so sensitive that even going within 50 feet of the hive it will attack. If a heathy man gets stung by 300 you can die some people can survive over 1,000 sings also you can also get sick by just 10 stings if your just around 45 lb. although they are very bad they also make California billions of dollars by pollinating the crops.

What solutions have they tried?

well, they tried to replace them with the European honey bees in hope to reproduce calmer bees there plan was a success. because they are a lot less aggressive. they have they same venom and look similar. they don't want to make them extinct because they pollenate crops.


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