Team SWIFT Weekly News

For the week of February 25, 2013

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Misplaced DIWS

If you have a new designer that entered the incorrect number or was incorrectly placed please follow these steps. Please know this is a TIME SENSITIVE problem.

See policy and procedures notation on this subject:


In cases in which the new Independent† Designer is mentored by someone other than the individual he

or she was led to believe would be his or her Mentor†, an Independent† Designer may request that he or she be transferred to another Organization† with his or her entire marketing Organization† intact. Requests for transfer under this policy will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and must be made within ten (10) business days from the date of enrollment. The Independent† Designer requesting the change has the burden of proving that he or she was placed beneath the wrong Mentor.† It is up to Origami Owl’s discretion whether the requested change will be implemented."

The designer needs to send an email to me, requesting to be assigned to the mentor they originally chose. The sooner the better.

Do not email designer care.

Do not call the nest.

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Missing Web Orders

Missing Web orders happen for many different reasons.

Hitting the back button

Customer registered with another designer or the OO site previously

Browser conflicts

This issue is also time sensitive

If you choose to email the nest, you will have to have documentation and a request from the customer, asking for the order to be assigned to your account.

If you do not hear back within 48 hours, forward the email sent to designer care to me, and I will escalate.

Calling will get you nowhere.

Emailing without the documentation will get you nowhere.


I am going to discontinue the pin/lanyard recognition program for the entire team since so many of you are planning your own programs.

I will be sending out notes to those who have promoted, no matter what line, starting with this months promotions. Cards will be sent after the official release on the 10th of the month.

As for high sales, top mentors, etc. I will be recognizing my frontline only. The other top achievers will be recognized via the newsletters

If they ranked at the top level, Kristine and Rochelle sends out gifts according to their recognition plan.

Subject to Change at any time. LOL

Newsletter Schedule

I will be sending out the weekly newsletters on Wednesday night, each week, to my frontline.

As stated previously, you can choose to pass on, using as a supplement to your own newsletter. I was contacted by a ton of people concerned they were no longer going to be receiving. So hopefully you will all continue to share.

Our month end newsletters will be sent out the first week of the new month. I may wait till official rankings come out, but I haven't decided yet. This newsletter will go out to everyone, just like Rochelle's and Kristine's.

Please make sure you send forward to your teams. This will posted for everyone to see and will be sent upon request by others on the team.

Explaining Lineage and Communication

It's our job as direct mentors to make sure our team knows who is in their lineage.

Here is mine:

Kristine Stevens - Shining Jewels

Rochelle Britton - Whootie Whoots

Melissa Ghane - Team Steamrollers

Michelle Levitt - Team Hedwig

Please make sure you add this to your lineage and share with your designers. Then ask them to add their name and share with theirs and so on.

For general questions, advice, your mentor should be your first point of contact.

If you have something that needs leadership resolution, start with me. I have the same contacts that my mentors above me since I am an Executive Team Leader. If we can't get it resolved, I can then go higher.

It's important to allow mentors, to grow and learn along with the designers. It's always important to grow as leaders.

Policies and Procedures

Brand new policies and procedures came out this week!

You can find them in your backoffice. It is important for EVERYONE to read the policies and procedures. Ignorance to the rules does not mean they do not pertain to your business. As mentors, it's even more important.

And also a quick reference guide: