1. What exactly is a gap year?

(Read this section. Record your answer.)

Ideas and Suggestions

The following is a list of incentive ideas that maybe used in exchange for CORE Cash in the classroom. Classroom incentives are nonfood items only.

25 Assist a Custodian

10 Be featured on a classroom photo board

20 Choose music for the class to hear

25 Test Answer

25 Extra Assignment Time

25 Extra Credit

10 Library, Bookstore Pass

15 Tardy Forgiveness

1/1 Classroom Supplies- pencil, pens, etc.

10 Pair Assignment- students group to complete one assignment

10 Sit in Teacher Chair

20 Pass to Vending Machine

10 Trinkets

1/1 Classroom raffle

10 Classroom photo booth

50 Drop Lowest Score

50 Open Book Test

20 Board Game Day

25 Homework Pass

10 Class Assistant